Like a heart beat

Like a heartbeat- progress at Home Heart Health has been strong and steady. As we are wrapping up phase 1 of our preliminary data collection, we have started to build a strong foundation and knowledge base, to understand what has previously been done for homebound cardiac patients, and - most importantly – how we can modify cardiac rehabilitation to make it feasible in the home and fill the gaps in care for homebound patients. Through interviews and focus groups, we are collaborating to ensure that the program is based on the patients’ needs and clinicians’ expertise.

            The nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists working besides us are crucial to the success of the program. They will be in the field delivering the care model and implementing the individualized cardiac rehabilitation to the patients by late November. It is our responsibility to design a comprehensive training for these clinicians, to ensure that they are well- equipped to pilot this unique program and that their patients receive the a high level of individualized care. The training will be held to prepare the nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to deliver this specialized model of care, and will be taught by a series of content experts.

            The more we work with our patients, the more we learn about the gaps in their care and the need for this program. Patients leave the hospital confused, overwhelmed, and upset; when they get home, some of them do not know their diagnosis, let alone how to care for themselves and self- manage their conditions in the long-run. We are confident that this program will bring education and much- needed rehabilitative support to patients who are confined to their homes.