Ready for Patients


In the past 6 months, we…

  • Interviewed patients and conducted focus groups with home care clinicians. Our program is for patients, by patients, so the opinions, feedback, and concerns of the community are integral to our program design

  • Collaborated with content experts to design a home-based cardiac rehab pilot program, based on the AACVPR core competencies of cardiac rehab and supported by existing literature

  • Led educational and interactive trainings with home care RNs, PTs, and OTs to prepare them to lead this pilot program and deliver the program interventions to patients. At the training, a panel of experts taught evidence-based modules on evidence-based approaches to cardiac rehab, exercise, nutrition, risk factor reduction, and strategies for program implementation.

  • Launched the program and started enrolling patients! Patients in our program receive individualized exercise prescriptions, specialized nutrition counseling, and cardiovascular education, as well as two interviews from our research team. By participating in these interviews, our patients can get involved in health communities being started in their communities and help improve care for patients in the future!



Currently, we are…

  • On track with patient enrollment, which is currently at 48% of the target goal. Patients in the program receive care from our trained professionals, as well as simple reminders and educational materials. Our intent is to specialize care for homebound cardiac patients through patient engagement in education, nutrition counseling, and exercise prescriptions. We mostly commonly work with patients who were discharged from the hospital after a heart failure exacerbation or a circulatory system surgery.

  • Training field interviewers to speak with our patients to learn more about their experience. In order to enroll more patients and increase our impact, we are continuing to expand our team of field interviewers who serve on the frontline of communication with our patients.

  • Writing a manuscript for publication based on the clinician training development process. We want to get the word out to other organizations and impact care for homebound cardiac patients nationwide



We’re planning to…

  • Continue to collect and analyze our data. To make a larger impact, we plan to analyze our data on the feasibility of a home-based cardiac rehab and disseminate our findings. Through national conferences, publications, and the media, we want to continue to share our story and experience to help improve care for the cardiac community.

  • Expand our program. The program was designed to be sustainable and feasible in a home care agency; we are in the process of planning expansion beyond the pilot project.


Stay tuned for more updates, info, and results from our Home-Based Cardiac Rehab Pilot Program!